1. Riga Teika Secondary School, 3 grade students: «I saw the architect for the first time.» «When I went home, I began to pay more attention to buildings.» «Architects taught me very many things, because I looked at buildings with completely different eyes.» «I felt like a real architect, as I had to make building model and plan.» «I would like you to come many more times. We could make another building.» «I found a variety of materials, which I had never seen before.» «When I was going home, I was thinking that you could come every day.» «Very nice architects.»

    Babite High School students: «I learned how much work architects need to do. Time-consuming work that requires a big team.» «In my view, the theoretical part was not very suitable for our age.» «I saw for the first time, how quickly somebody’s work could be represented.» «Noticed interesting architectural photos.» «I am glad that I was able to get to know to the profession closer. I liked that we could do practical work.» «Too bad that it was a long wait till we were able to work on buildings.» «I learned a lot of new things about architecture as well as the fact that center of Pinki is a church.» «I learned more what will happen to our school. Architecture as a profession is very interesting, it is possible to use imagination and knowledge.» «It was interesting to see how models are made, Pinki city model, which I also helped to build.» «I understood what architecture means and therefore I know that it is not for me.»

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